Go On, Go Lo! A Review

Published on 24 January 2024 at 13:14

I give Go Lo 4/5 stars. I'm not sure whether it works or is a placebo, but if it is, the makers designed it well. This product uses a combination of nutrition education and supplementation (a pill called "Release"). There's no calorie counting or difficult portion sizing or rare and unsatisfying food substitutions. The package also includes a litany of success stories.

I took GoLo at a time when I plateaued in my weight loss. I do feel that GoLo helped. Here's how I remember it:

I had my second child in May of 2022. I'd never lost the extra 10 from the first pregnancy, and now, I was five years older. You see where this is going. I've been seriously trying to lose weight since at least March of 2023. Around that time, I joined the gym at work and regularly squeezed in a 15-minute workout during lunch. Moreover, I'd begun fasting breakfast and eating a reasonable lunch. See? I was serious. I knew I was losing weight. My belly, which had become my "trouble" spot, was shrinking. But, I knew there was still more to lose. That's when I tried GoLo. I was willing to spring the approximately $70 for a 1-month supply if it would help me lose those final 15 pounds. 

The supplement is just one part. You get a guide to basic, healthy eating that is more reflective of the "eat the rainbow" philosophy than of restriction or counting calories. For that, I was glad. I had tried My Fitness Pal, and while effective, I didn't have the mental space for calorie counting every meal. GoLo advocates moderation and emphasizes vegetables and protein over carbs, a diet everyone has heard a variation of (I see you, Mediterranean diet). But the supplement feels like the magic bullet that makes everything work. 

What I appreciated about the supplement is that there were no side effects. No bloated gut or increased trips to the bathroom. I was completely comfortable, and like I said, I saw a noticeable difference in my waist. I think I should have ordered multiple bottles. In the commercials, clients say GoLo helps with cravings. I'm not sure. I can't disagree, but that didn't strike me as a strong effect.  

GoLo is sold is by month's supply. The marketing suggests, reminiscent of negotiating a car note, you purchase the number of bottles that would equal the amount of weight you'd like to lose, i.e. one bottle for about 8 pounds of weight loss, and up from there.

I think it's worth a try, at least for a month!

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