One Small Change Away

Published on 2 July 2024 at 13:25

Could it be that my morning coffee is preventing me from losing those last 12 pounds? Maybe. 

Losing weight is often a "try and see" adventure. And, often, what we're trying to do is give up things we love. That's why people don't diet! They have to turn on themselves in the name of will power.

I considered stopping my routine cup of coffee in the morning because I'd been getting some high blood sugar readings in the morning. I usually drink multiple cups of coffee each morning with coffee creamer in each cup. I'm not talking a little bit of creamer.

I knew creamer contained sugar, but as a processed food, many creamers also contain some form of vegetable oil for texture and preservative qualities. Not strictly healthy, and the way food is processed can also make losing weight difficult. 

I was trying to change from fear, and it didn't last. On the first day, I quit cold turkey, drank water only, and then completed a rigorous workout to get my blood sugar reading down. That lasted one day. I tried to hold onto my one cup of coffee and then follow it with tea afterwards if I wanted more. Coffee and tea are two totally different experiences, and one doesn't replace the other.

What is a girl to do? How do you change what you know is bad but can't seem to give up? I don't have answers, but I'll keep trying until I find something that works. 


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