Eat an Apple First

Published on 12 May 2023 at 10:26

Having trouble losing weight? Tried the latest "herbal supplement" that promised a miracle but didn't work? Yes, that's because losing weight is hard, and it mostly sucks.

Diets equal deprivation. That's why people don't stay on them, and why they fail in the long term. Try a new mindset. Instead of focusing on removing bad habits, crowd them out with good.

That's where my "eat an apple first" theory comes from. Don't not eat the food you want. Just include something that actually helps your body. And do it first. Some say, drink a tall glass of water before your meal. I say eat an apple.

"Belly fat" science tells us that when the body is shocked with too much simple sugar too often (I know, I know, I'm bringing up carbohydrates), the body stops metabolizing sugar as effectively as it should. You might have heard the term "insulin resistance" related to this idea. Excess sugar is then stored as fat, mostly around the stomach. That's why waistline measurement is a predictor of diabetes, one of several diseases that comprise metabolic syndrome (which is doctor speak for, "You are red-flagged for heart disease and stroke."). 

Nutritionally speaking, an apple is mostly carbohydrates, but it also has fiber. Fiber slows the metabolism of sugar, and so there is a slower, longer release of insulin with fiber present instead of one dramatic spike without. Slow release of insulin is good news for your metabolism. Also, nutrients in apples are involved in cell repair. Most importantly for this post, apples increase satiety, a feeling of fullness. So, it may be true. An apple a day...

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a year ago

Yes, I love eating apples and I really believe in an apple a day is not just an old wives tale but natures medicine!!